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    Facilities and Component Analysis for Detector R&D

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The T7 facility, allowing for high fluence proton and neutron irradiations, is used for radiation hardness studies of detector and electronics components. The T7 facility covers unique domains (high energy protons and neutron), though, depending on the sample areas to be covered, the intensities may not be fully sufficient for SLHC applications.

The following objectives have been set:

  • Elaboration and evaluation of different scenarios to upgrade and adapt the neutron and proton irradiation facilities at CERN in view of the upcoming SLHC irradiation programs.

  • Design of new proton and neutron irradiation facilities according to the outcome of the evaluation study.

  • Construction and commissioning of the upgraded proton and neutron irradiation facilities.

  • Design and set up of common infrastructure for the facility.


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